Boone decommissioned

After a couple of years we’ve decided to decommission the Boone repeater. The town of Boone was more than gracious to give us access to a site and it worked well during the time it was on air. The distance to travel was too great for me to service that machine and Cedarwood covers the area well.


3 Site Simulcast

We’ve been simulcasting from Cedarwood and Salida for several months now with pretty good results.  In certain areas you can hear both transmitters.  While it’s still usable it doesn’t sound as clean as I’d like.  We’ll be trying a third simulcast site right in the middle of the other 2 so we can see what happens.  Stay tuned.

Simulcast Update

The Salida site has a GPSDO keeping the transmitter dead on frequency.  Another advantage to this setup is that we have a better GPS antenna more suited to mountain top operation with lightning protection.  The Cedarwood site is next as soon as funds allow.  If you’re in a transmitter overlap (places from Penrose to Pueblo West) area you might hear a little growl on the received signal until we finish the install.