How it works

Without getting too technical we’d like to provide a brief explanation about how our system works.

Each site has a receiver, a transmitter along with routers and microwave equipment.

All sites run on software called app_rpt written by Jim Dixon WB6NIL (SK) which is based off the “free pbx” phone sytem.

Audio from analog sites is processed by app_rpt which controls everything including timeouts, linking, tail messages and dozens more features.

Our sites are linked together via private amateur radio microwave. Think of it as wifi which travels great distances.

The anomaly is 449.975 which we call “Simulcast” instead of referring to it as Cedarwood, Methodist or Westcreek. It’s true that this frequency lives at all three sites. Actually all three sites actually work together and transmit on exactly the same frequency at exactly the same time. In addition all three sites receive on the same frequency (444.975) at the same time. The app_rpt software actually decides (at several times per second!) which site has the best receive an passes that audio on to the rest of the system. If you watch the status page you can see the receive path changing if 1, 2 or all 3 of the sites hear a station at the same time.