Help Needed

Ok folks, I’m at the point in my life when it’s difficult for me to service and maintain 12 repeaters. We have issues at 3 or 4 sites currently and with my new schedule it’s difficult to find time or money for site visits and still spend time with family. I’ve casually requested help and typically receive little support (but thanks to those who’ve helped!). Company on site trips is great but we really need tech’s to fill in when I can’t. I’ve enjoyed this journey but we need help. If we can’t get volunteers I’ll need to look at down-sizing the system to some core sites, something that I can manage myself. This means the following sites (Pueblo Metro, Pueblo West, Canon, Westcreek and possibly others) may have to go. I’m sorry but things have just come to a head and I’m tremendously frustrated with my new work schedule coupled with all the system problems we’re having. I just don’t have the mental bandwidth to deal with everything like I did. While I appreciate and need reports on system problems it becomes frustrating when I get 27 reports about the same problem and it becomes a diatribe on air. A simple email or text message is much more useful. You have to understand I only hear the negative (problems) about the system and rarely positive feedback or solutions. If you enjoy using the system please help!